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congatec partners with AMD for long-time support of AMD Geode™ processors

A trustful team: congatec ETX/XTX modules and AMD Geode

Deggendorf, Germany, 16 January 2018

congatec – a leading technology company for embedded computer modules, single board computers and embedded design and manufacturing services – and AMD have teamed together to provide extended life cycle support for one of the world's longest-serving x86 processors. The result is that AMD Geode™ processor boards from congatec will have planned availability until the end of 2021. 

“With the collaboration between congatec and AMD to support the AMD Geode processor line on ETX and XTX modules at least until end of life in 2021, our Computer-on-Module customers benefit from massive life cycle and return on investment improvements for their AMD Geode based product lines,” explains Martin Danzer, Director Product Management at congatec. “Supply until 2021 means 16 years long-term availability for the Geode LX, which was introduced by AMD in 2005. This is unique to the embedded x86 processor markets, where processors in general are available for 7 years, and underlines our commitment to being a trusted partner for the entire product life cycle.”

“AMD has been serving the embedded market for over 20 years and from this experience we know that one of the most important things to customers is longevity of the supply chain channel,” says Stephen Turnbull, Director of Business Development, at AMD. “We are very proud that our Geode embedded product line is so successful that we can now extend the support to until at least 2021, making it one of the longest continuously available x86 embedded products on the market.”

In order to enable this extension, AMD has qualified a non-halogenated substrate with virtually no changes to processor form, fit or function so that all AMD qualification criteria will be met. congatec modules with the new Geode processor samples are available now under identical product order numbers.

The following products are supported:

More information about the conga-XLX Computer-on-Modules can be found on the product page 

More information about the conga-ELX Computer-on-Modules can be found on the product page 

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